Installation Instruction



  • 1st , 9mm thickness of plywood panel should be fixed on the wall to insure the wall is very flat and smooth
  • 2nd, test the pattern flows when panels fix together
  • 3rd, trim the edge if the connection gap is large.
  • 4th, brush glass cement on the plywood wall evenly, then stick 3D wall panels on the plywood .
  • 5th , use the air gun with headless trunk-nails to shoot the four edges of the wave panel to fix 3D wall panels on the wall.
  • 6th , get mixed powder as gap filler
  • 7th , fill the panel connection gap
  • 8th, sand it after it try.
  • 9th, paint the color which you like on the panels


The items add an astonishing speak to the cellar consequently, a standout amongst the most mainstream choices that numerous individuals use for tiles, wall canvases and other preservationist wall decors. In numerous structures or homes, the storm cellar must be built with brilliant waterproof materials to viably counteract dampness leaking through the tiles and paint. On the other hand, wall panels are solely planned successfully forestall molds and to enhance the presence of the cellar in light of the fact that they are profoundly impervious to great climate conditions and can’t permit dampness to taste through.

An extensive variety of style and hues

Other than their profoundly perfect outlines, the framing items are broadly looked for in the business sector on the grounds that they are accessible in an extensive variety of styles and hues. These elements permit homeowners to pick the best that intrigues them, and hues that supplement with existing inside decor. The hues are additionally of the best quality and will keep going for a considerable length of time without losing their stylish worth. This is a reality that makes the items mind blowing for wall framing.

Board outline composition and Size

The items are composed under the best assembling advances. In this way, they are particularly intended to give a strong composition which empowers them to withstand even the most compelling climate components. Besides, are made with a strong composition of hues which improve the general appearance of a cellar. One can simply take note of a faultless look in a storm cellar that is assembled with the items from a separation. So also, one can either look over outlines, for example, mosaic, clay among other configuration surfaces. They additionally come in extraordinary sizes which permit them to deplete water, and to offer a brighter engaging look in the cellar.