Guangdong Archidec Factory Co. Ltd. all the way dedicated to research ,design, manufacture, sale of 3d wall panels , we always looking for different materials to make 3d wall panels more 3D, beautiful, elegant ,safe to meet the different needs of clients. It is the earliest and largest manufacturer in China, and all the way we are on the frontier of design , made the revolution from the wave wall panels to 3D wall panels to meet the future satisfaction of aesthetics.


All of our 3D wall panels designed it to 4 sides pattern continuous, that means pattern flows from one to next when panels fix together, looks like a huge picture.

15 years experience manufacturing and exporting for 3D wall panels , we improved our product to the highest quality , definitely able to meet the most strict demands for high quality and complicated designs. ARCHIDEC® ’ mission is creating innovative designs , offer high quality,durable ,healthy,amazing products , make the designer’s & your dream come true.

About Archidec 3d wall panels